What People are Saying

The Dialogues In Action Fellowship Program was an amazing experience. I would highly recommend it to an organizational leader who’s looking not only to nurture and grow himself or herself, but also to truly nurture and grown the team they work with. This Fellowship provides a framework of developmental leadership, exploration, reflection, and most importantly, action! On a personal level, this process was exactly what I needed and until I participated in it, I didn’t realize how much I needed it!
— Executive Director, Burnaby Association of Community Inclusion
My experience with the Fellowship in Leadership changed the way I do everything. As a new(er) Executive Director I was leading by instinct. My instincts weren’t necessarily wrong, bu t they were not grounded in an approach, or in theory. Now I have resources and tools and a way of thinking that can be adapted to any situation at any time. Now I see possibilities and opportunities all around me. I recommend this experience to anyone who wants to develop themselves and others in service to their mission and their community.
— Executive Director, Richmond Family Place Society
The Fellowship in Leadership is the most rewarding and powerful learning experience i have engaged in to date. It has helped me to think differently about the development of leadership in others and how to empower and cultivate that within a complex organization. The increased self-awareness and immunity to change work is greatly enhancing teamwork, communication, and commitment to our organization’s mission. The tools and insights gained through this work is leading us to new horizons and overcoming challenges that have been plaguing us for years, if not decades. A must-do course for anyone in a senior leadership role!
— Executive Director, Westcoast Child Resource Centre
The experience of being a part of this cohort has afforded me the opportunity to identify challenges that have plateaued my personal growth and prepared me to utilize those challenges to foster growth rather than stall development. The Fellowship is by far the most important work I have done as a leader thus far in my career.
— Chief Operation Officer, YMCA of Channel Islands
Working with Steve Patty through DIA Fellows Program has been the highlight of my career as a YMCA professional. The opportunity to learn from and with Steve has re-kindled my passion for helping people grow—which is ultimately why I chose the Y and this kind of work. As individual leaders, and as an organization, we deeply need the kind of development and reflection that Steve facilitates through this program.
— Executive Director, YMCA San Francisco