Aim and Focus

Why This Fellowship

Today’s leaders face increasingly complex challenges as they seek to guide their organizations effectively.  Right at the heart of every leader’s responsibility is the task of developing leadership aptitude among others – staff members, volunteers, board members, community partners, and stakeholders, among others. 

In most human-centered organizations and enterprises, leadership is becoming increasingly challenging.  Complexities are on the rise.  Organizations face challenges

·         getting more accomplished with fewer resources,

·         engaging broader and more expansive groups of stakeholders,

·         proving deeper and more durable impact,

·         developing and implementing sophisticated strategies of action and intervention,

·         iterating and evolving for the future.

These tasks can only be accomplished through developing and maximizing the potential of people.  Building leadership capacity is key.  

The skill of developing people strategically is often overlooked in executive development.  So many demands for operations pull at the focus and attention of the leaders.  There is just so much to do, and so little time.  But if people are the driving force of our work, then building the leadership capacity of people is critical to maximizing organization impact and effects. 

This Fellowship is focused on advancing the expertise of executive leaders to develop others.  It strengthens this leadership muscle, isolating it and exercising it throughout the course of a year.  Unlike other executive leadership courses, we narrow our focus to this aim:  building the capacity to develop leadership acuity in those we lead.   

The program brings together senior and executive-level leaders to catalyze the ideas of developmental leadership and advance their effectiveness as leaders in service to the mandate of their organizations.